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  • slack is a way to do realtime passing around of notes / info during class
  • it is also a good way to arrange/coordinate social activities; works on phones, etc.
  • we will have room specific channels, as well as #general for course wide stuff and #random for fun.
  • room specific channels can be used for questions during the presentation (instead of / in addition to asking for help)
  • also have a #social channel, and maybe others; go ahead and invite.
  • find more features of Slack here:


  • hackmd is a good way to do collaborative note taking
  • will have one hackmd per room
  • they will be persistent
  • you are welcome to join us in taking notes! ask a TA or helper on how to connect in to edit instead of view
  • find more features of HackMD here:


We are using the platform for e-mail. The list will generally only be used for important updates and announcements of schedule changes