Feel free to reach out to us directly!

Betsy Alford

  • My research primarily focuses on the co-evolution between plants and microbes. I have experience in amplicon analysis, metagenomics, genome assembly, and cross kingdom analysis. I regularly script in bash and python and have a working knowledge in R.

    • contact: baalford@ucdavis.edu

Tristan De Buysscher

  • General bioinformatics

Rocio Martinez-Nunez

  • RNA-seq and RNA things:

Mike Lee

  • I focus primarily on microbial ecology and evolution, and have a good amount of experience with amplicon/marker-gene analysis, metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, bash, R, and python.

Rachel Lombardi

  • I focus on RNAseq to investigate the plant’s response to pathogen infections.

    • contact: rllombardi@ucdavis.edu

Sichong Peng

  • My study focuses on completing functional annotation of the horse genome. I have a strong interest of applying genomics tools to non-model organisms to improve health care of companion and agricultural animals.

    • contact: scpeng@ucdavis.edu

Chissa Rivaldi

  • I am rooted in population/landscape genetics, parasite, and amplicon sequencing studies. I script in bash, python, and R, and increasingly automation flows like snakemake.

Marian L. Schmidt

  • I study the drivers of aquatic bacterial community composition & the evolutionary controls on bacterial genome size. I have experience (& am happy to help others!) with 16S rRNA amplicon data sets, recovering genomes from complex metagenomic sequencing data sets, using version control with git/GitHub, and programming in R (Yay Rmarkdown!) & bash.

Taylor Reiter

  • I work with metagenomic and metatranscriptomic sequencing data & wine. I use R, python, bash, snakemake, conda, git & github to power my workflows.

Shannon E.K. Joslin

  • I work in the field of Conservation Genetics and Genomics. I am broadly interested in providing tools to the scientific community through mechanisms such as genome assemblies and bioinformatics workshop. My dissertation work involves population genetics of Hypomesus transpacificus (delta smelt) and identification of sex determination markers in the species. I love chatting about assembly and the refinement of assemblies, population genetics pipelines, bash and teaching. Please reach out with any questions!

Sateesh Peri

  • My primary research focus is on identification and characterization of long non-coding RNAs while I spend my spare time learning and teaching computational skills (BASH, R, python, conda, git-github, snakemake, ) to biologists.

    • contact: @perisateesh; sateeshp “at” email “dot” arizona “dot” edu