Instructor’s Guide to ANGUS Materials

The main repository is here: Please try to keep everything in there as much as possible.

For 2014, contribute to the branch ‘2014’.

We use Sphinx to build the site from multiple files, and each file is written in reStructuredText.

Merges to the ‘2014’ branch are automatically built and posted by at

You can use pull requests OR you can just send Titus your github ID and he will give you merge privileges. For the first few modifications we would still suggest using pull requests just so you can get the hang of reST.

Put static files that you do not want interpreted by Sphinx (e.g. presentation PDFs) in the files/ directory.


Everything you do must be releasable under CC0 except for your presentation slides, which must be accessible and posted somewhere reasonably permanent (in our repo, on slideshare, etc) but can be under whatever license you choose.

LICENSE: This documentation and all textual/graphic site content is licensed under the Creative Commons - 0 License (CC0) -- fork @ github. Presentations (PPT/PDF) and PDFs are the property of their respective owners and are under the terms indicated within the presentation.
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