Week 3


Meal Times: Breakfast 7-9, Lunch 12-1, Dinner 6-7 (Unless noted below)

Etherpad: https://github.com/ngs-docs/angus/blob/2015/week3/etherpad.txt

Evaluation form

Day Schedule
Monday 8/24
Tuesday 8/25
Wednesday 8/25
Thursday 8/25
Friday 8/25

Workshop organizers:

C. Titus Brown

Amanda Charbonneau, it’s complicated

Invited lecturers are the following:

Chris Hamm

Meeta Mistry

Lex Nederbragt

Marian Schmidt, University of Michigan

Leigh Sheneman

Tiffany Timbers, Simon Fraser University

Asela Wijeratne

Ryan Williams


Elizabeth Baird


Lisa Cohen, UC Davis

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