The Open Science Framework

The OSF gives you free accounts for collaboration around files and other research artifacts.

Create an account and log in at:

Each account can have up to 5 GB of files without any problem, and it remains private until you make it public.

You can add other authorized users as well.

Once you are ready to make the project public, you can do so in two ways:

  • you can “freeze” the project for publication (e.g. if you want to make available exactly the data and analysis you put in a paper); this is called registration, and you can give access to just the reviewers, too.
  • you can make the entire project public, in which case anyone can browse to it if they know the URL.

You can also cut DOIs for resources so that you can put them in papers.

The OSF is archival (they have a sustainability fund that guarantees their data will remain around for something like 30 years) and many publications will accept them as a place to make data public if you use a registration as above.

Alternatives to OSF include:

and your friendly local data librarians may also have institution-specific repositories.

Other things the OSF supports

OSF Meetings - free poster and presentation sharing

OSF for institutions - branded for institutions, with logins/passwords tied into your institutional login.