Next-Gen Sequence Analysis Workshop (2015)

This is the schedule for the 2015 MSU NGS course.

This workshop has a Workshop Code of Conduct.

Download all of these materials or visit the GitHub repository.

Meal Times: Breakfast 7-9, Lunch 12-1, Dinner 6-7 (Unless noted below)

This year we also ran a third week workshop focused on intermediate and advanced skills; please see the schedule at Week 3.

Day Schedule
Monday 8/10
Tuesday 8/11
Wed 8/12
Thursday 8/13
Friday 8/14
Saturday 8/15
Sunday 8/16
  • Free Day
  • “Brunch” at McCrary 12pm - 1pm
  • BBQ Dinner on the island
Monday 8/17
Tuesday 8/18
Wed 8/19
Thursday 8/20
Friday 8/21

Dramatis personae


  • C Titus Brown
  • Chris Chandler
  • Ian Dworkin
  • Adina Howe
  • Matt MacManes
  • Meg Staton


  • Amanda Charbonneau
  • Lisa Cohen
  • Ryan Williams
  • Phil Brooks


  • Nick Loman
  • Torsten Seemann
  • Erich Schwarz

She Who Drives Many Places:

  • Jessica Mizzi

Papers and References


Computing and Data

Also see this great pair of blog posts on organizing projects and research workflow.

Complete table of contents

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